Get to the other side with just ONE token.

You have got four tokens on your baseline and try to reach the other side of the board first.

One square each move.

The directions of your moves are absolutely free!!!

Your tokens are: rock, paper, scissors and well.

You don´t have to beat a token if you don´t want to. Sometimes it´s better to offer a token and sneak around with another one to reach your goal.

Try, try, try and try.



rock beats scissors - scissors beats paper - paper beats rock and well - well beats rock and scissors.

In the situation above yellow seems to be in a better position. (very close to the opponents baseline), but green is on and will win this match. She just has to beat the yellow well with her paper. Yellow could do nothing else than killing the green paper with the scissors. But then Green takes care about the rest with her stronger tokens (well and rock). Just try it.

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